How do monthly fixed Direct Debits work?

With a monthly fixed Direct Debit, the same amount comes out of your bank account on the same day each month. We base this amount on what we know about your energy use, using either the figures you give us when you get your first quote, or you six-monthly energy review. We also allow for you to use more energy during the winter months, so this is a good way of spreading the cost of keeping your home warm throughout the year.

We’ll review the amount you pay every six months. If your monthly payments are usually too high, you’ll build up credit on your account and we’ll reduce the amount.

If your monthly payments are usually too low to cover the energy you use, we’ll ask your permission to increase your payments so you don’t build up a debt.

If you get behind on your bills, you can catch up by making a one-off payment by debit or credit card in addition to your fixed monthly payment.