Our call centre is operating with limited staff to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Please visit our Covid-19 help page for common questions, help and information.

How can I top up my meter?

If your meter credit’s running low, you’ll need to top it up using your key or card just like you’d top up a pay as you go mobile. You can top up at any Post Office, PayPoint or Payzone – use the links below to find your nearest one.  




During the Covid-19 outbreak, many people will be isolating.  If you are having trouble topping up your meter because of this, please read the following:

Those who are able to pay but unable to leave the house and have no one to top up for them may request assistance from the We Are Islington helpline on 020 7527 8222, or by emailing weareislington@islington.gov.uk

Those who are unable to pay can refer into the Resident Support Scheme for emergency fuel vouchers by email: ResidentSupportTeam@islington.gov.uk or visit the website: islington.gov.uk//advice/resident-support-scheme

Please keep up to date on all of the Coronavirus news and information on the Islington website here.