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Posted on 10th August 2018

Are you a tenant? See how switching your energy supplier might save you money.

As a tenant, it is always good to keep an eye on your energy bills. There might be a cheaper deal available for you, for instance, by switching to Angelic Energy you may be able to save yourself some money.

Renting a property shouldn’t prevent you from shopping around. If you are responsible for your bills and pay directly, you have the choice to switch suppliers under consumer protection law. However, check your tenancy agreement to make sure it doesn’t include a ‘default’ or preferred energy supplier clause (although this clause would not prevent you from switching).

In most cases, new tenants often find themselves on their energy supplier’s default/standard tariffs which are likely to be the most expensive. Find out what you currently pay for your energy and then visit our website for a quote and compare the quote from Angelic Energy with your existing tariff, and see if you could save money on your gas and electricity bills based on your consumption and tariff charges.

You can often save additional money on your energy bills by having a dual fuel account (gas and electricity) or going on paperless billing or paying by direct debit.

Switching is easy to do as Angelic Energy will do everything for you. Once you have switched, make sure you take and submit current meter readings so you are billed correctly and only pay for the gas and electricity you use. Angelic Energy will provide you with clear advice during the switching process until you are an Angelic customer.

To save money on your bills, look at our energy saving tips and monitor your usage too. For example turning down the heating a notch and using energy efficient light bulbs can really help in keeping more cash in your pocket.

If you think you might be able to save money by switching but have a preferred energy supplier clause in your tenancy contract, ask your landlord to consider switching by telling them how much you could save.