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Posted on 25th April 2018

Smart Meters – Landlords: Take control of your energy use

With new smart meters being rolled out across the UK, you may be wondering if the new generation of gas and electricity meters can be useful to you as a landlord as well as helping your tenants?

Installing a smart meter means you can wave goodbye to estimated billing. This means that you and your tenants can start enjoying more accurate bills, removing the risk of overpayment and the potential for large unexpected bills.

Smart meters also remove any inaccuracies or complications in meter readings. They allow you to clearly and accurately monitor energy use.

If tenants know what they are using their energy for it’s much easier for them to cut back on unnecessary energy consumption. This will help them cut their bills and understand where they can make savings. At a time when there is a lot of confusion about energy costs, smart meters can go a long way in providing that much-needed clarity and trust.

Put simply, smart meters make it easier for all of us to manage our budgets.

As a landlord smart meters can also provide you with convenience. No longer will someone have to go digging around in the basement with a torch or wait at home for an engineer to come and take a meter reading. It will no longer be necessary to let strangers into your property.

At Angelic Energy we use smart meters to determine and offer more cost-effective tariffs to our customer’s depending on their circumstances.

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