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Posted on 8th February 2018

A smarter future

The UK Government is committed to introducing smart meters to every UK household by 2020 as they expect smart meters to save customers about £300m on their energy bills.

The rollout of smart meters has varied from supplier to supplier. However, Angelic Energy is delighted to announce that our customers can benefit from smart meter earlier by requesting to be put on our priority list.

So what is the smart meter? How will you benefit from having a smart meter and how to get one?

What is the smart meter?

A smart meter is a new generation of metering system which measures energy usage at your home with pinpoint accuracy in real time. They are linked to an energy monitor, which you can keep anywhere in the home and shows you the actual amount of gas and electricity you are using. Having a smart meter ends the need for estimated bills as they send your energy usage data to the energy supplier.

What are the benefits of smart meter?

  • They give you real-time information on how much energy you’re using
  • Your display will mean it’s much easier to manage your energy usage at home and see when you’re leaving appliances on when you could be turning them off
  • There will no longer be a need for estimated bills as your energy supplier will know how much energy you’ve used
  • There’ll be no more visits for meter readings as your readings will be reported automatically via a secure wireless network connection to Angelic Energy

For pre-payment customers’ smart meters also offer a new and more flexible way to top- up with an option to set an automatic top-up system. Customers will be able to see their balance easily on their In-Home display.

How do you get a smart meter?

If you would like to be added to our priority list for a smart meter can now do so by contacting the Angelic Energy contact centre. You simply need to call (0800 169 0220) or email (customerservice@angelicenergy.co.uk), providing your name and address or account number. Your details will then be sent to one of our installation contractors who will make contact with the customer within six months to book a visit.